[EN] Saint Emiliana

Emiliana lives a simple life as a nun in the remote village of Zamak.

One day, Mariethas soldiers appear in the village’s market on a Witch Hunt. There they capture Emiliana’s sister, Laura, accusing her of being a Witch.

In order to save her sister, Emiliana exchanges her soul for the power of a Witch. Now, Emiliana must wrestle with her faith as she searches for her sister.

  • TITLE: Saint Emiliana
  • GENRE: Indie, RPG
  • VERSION: 1.04
  • DEVELOPER: WhiteMoor
  • PUBLISHER: Kagura Games
  • FRANCHISE: Kagura Games
  • RELEASE DATE: 17 Sep, 2020

[JA] Magical Girl Konoha -LOLIQUE2GAIDEN-

Warning**: This game is heavyPriestess Konoha enters the filthy world inside a magical grimoire to save the kingdom of Leon.
There, she is reborn as a magical girl, ready to fight the evils of the land. Or so she thinks…

As in our previous work LoliQue, the world is free to explore, with a variety of dungeons and towns available to tickle your itch for adventure.
There are plenty of events to get wrapped up in without having to progress in the main story.
Konoha might get sullied along the way as well…perhaps she’ll even join the bad guys.

Title: Magical Girl Konoha – LOLIQUE 2 GAIDEN –
Developer: BLACK PANDA
Publisher: BLACK PANDA
Release date: 28 Dec, 2021
Version: Final
Language: Japanese (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)